A Southern Exposure | November 7 - 22, 2014

asouthernexposuresmallby Kelley Kingston-Strayer  |  PG-Comedy/Drama   directed by Kathleen Lovejoy
Co-Produced by The GVTC Foundation

While away an hour or two in a Kentucky kitchen sipping coffee with Britney Hurt's family: Hattie, her bible thumping grandmother with a cast iron will; Ida Mae, a pushy card shark; and Mattie, a wig-wearing, Oprah-watching aunt. Britneyis a sweet young thing itching for life outside of her small town. Raised by Hattie, Britney stuns her grandmother and her two eccentric, doting aunts when she announces that she's fallen in love and is moving to New York City. We can all identify with this sincerely southern and comical story about love, sacrifice and the everlasting bond of family. Winner of Barter Theatre's Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights.











Ida Mae






Ida Steele

Randee Lutterloh

Louise Doyen

Martha Prentiss


Kathleen Lovejoy

Keisha McFerrin

Erin Mulvany

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