Teen Troupe


Our mission is to promote and educate younger generations of the Boerne area in all aspects of theatre production. We will provide quality productions for the enjoyment of all BCT patrons and will strive to increase the number of patrons and participants within the BCT family and community.

Policies & Procedures

  1. Teen Troupe productions will be allocated time within the overall BCT season.
  2. Teen Troupe will have an operating account under the BCT general operating fund.
  3. BCT policies will apply to Teen Troupe activities (including the videotaping policy); additional Teen Troupe policies will apply as well (see following).
  4. The BCT Box Office Manager will be responsible for handling the box office receipts for each Teen Troupe show.
  5. Teen Troupe plays will be selected by the directors of Teen Troupe and approved by the BCT board.


  1. A Teen Troupe director must be present when Teen Troupe utilizes any BCT facility; if this is not possible the event will be rescheduled.
  2. A letter will go to the parents of each participant encouraging and requesting support from each family and explaining all requirements and expectations.
  3. Each Teen Troupe member and their parents will sign a contract specific to Teen Troupe.
  4. A production contract will be signed by all Teen Troupe members and parents outlining rehearsal and performance dates and known obligations.
  5. Production policies, in according to BCT production policies, will be issued with the production contract and must be signed by all Teen Troupe participants.
  6. No non-Teen Troupe members will be allowed to appear or work as crew on a Teen Troupe production.

Teen Troupe theatre responsibilities include concessions, publicity, crew, cleanup and all costume and set construction for each Teen Troupe show.

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