Gargoyles and Scarecrow Sins | February 3 – 18, 2017

by Rick Hamby, PG-Comedy

Co-Produced by Suzann Woodard, CPA

The popular town madam has passed away and is lying in her coffin in the viewing room of Tanner’s Funeral Home (played by a live actress).  In accordance with tradition, her 3 sorority sisters must “sit up with the body”, however, their lives have taken very different turns in the ensuing years.  It comes to light that the madam has acquired quite a fortune in her line of work.  Desdemona, the wise-cracking beautician, arrives to attend to the deceased’s hair and make-up.  Along comes L’il Davy Robbins, an opportunistic travelling evangelist, to stir up the crowd.  As the hours go by, much comes to light about everyone there.  Written by a former Big Spring D. A. who based many of his characters on real local characters, Gargoyles and Scarecrow Sins is one of the most popular & most requested-to-return shows ever produced by Boerne Community Theatre.


Mr. Tanner / Mr. Fant
Barry Goettl
Mr. Pickle
Jeremy Carrizales
Lou Gene Baker
Allison Dietz
Lyla Lawson
Dorothy Imrie
Ruline Whatley
Dara Crane
Desdemona Fletcher
Patricia Hausman
Kenny Baker
Don Norton
L'il Davy
Robert Moritz
Miss Opal
Kimberly Stoner


Christine Crowley
Ass't Director
Jerry Watson
Timothy Stoner

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