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The 39 Steps | September 9 - 24, 2016

by Patrick Barlow, PG-Mystery/Comedy

Co-Produced by Carol Schultz, LoneStar Properties

Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have The 39 Steps, a fast-paced whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of theatre. This 2-time Tony and Drama Desk Award-winning treat is packed with nonstop laughs, dozens of zany characters (played by a cast of 4), a plane crash, handcuffs, missing fingers and some good old-fashioned romance. In The 39 Steps, a man with a boring life meets a woman with a thick accent who says she's a spy. When he takes her home, she is murdered. Soon, a mysterious organization called "The 39 Steps" is hot on the man's trail in a nationwide manhunt that climaxes in a death-defying finale. A riotous blend of virtuoso performances and wildly inventive stagecraft, The 39 Steps amounts to an unforgettable evening of pure pleasure.


Chapter Two | November 4 - 19, 2016

by Neil Simon, PG-Romantic Comedy 

Co-Produced by Kendall County Air

Recent widower, writer George Schneider, is encouraged by his younger brother Leo to start dating again. Which sends George into even more depression after a series of bad matches. Then Leo comes up with Jennie Malone and she's a keeper. Still, it's a bumpy trip on the road to Dreamland for these not-so-young lovers. George and Jennie stumble on, overcoming both their hesitation on the rebound and emotional neediness. In a hilarious, farcical subplot, Leo has a fling with Faye, Jennie's neurotic married friend.

Twas The Night Before Christmas | December 2 - 18, 2016

by Ken Ludwig, G-Family Comedy

Co-Produced by The GVTC Foundation

NEW Holiday Fundraiser

*Member tickets not valid


Special Performance Times: Friday evenings at 7:00PM, Sat/Sun matinees at 2:30PM 

“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse." But wait! A mouse is stirring - because Santa missed his house last year. Before you can say "Merry Christmas!", we're off on the wild adventures of a mouse, an elf, and a spunky little girl who just won't take no for an answer. Don't miss this joyful tribute to the holiday season! “A momentum and ebullience worthy of the Pixar era animate this world-premiere play, whose story line involves a heist, a duel with rapiers, some hip-hop, a squirt gun, a perilous airplane flight and an elf’s stint as a secret agent.  Such a playful spirit romps through 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, you might think the show itself was a product of Santa’s workshop.” - The Washington Post

Santa will be available for holiday photos prior to show time, during intermission and/or immediately after the performance, at a cost of $10 each. Please consult the Board Host for Santa’s schedule. Proceeds from the photos to benefit the BCT general fund.

Gargoyles and Scarecrow Sins | February 3 – 18, 2017

by Rick Hamby, PG-Comedy

Co-Produced by Suzann Woodard, CPA

The popular town madam has passed away and is lying in her coffin in the viewing room of Tanner’s Funeral Home (played by a live actress).  In accordance with tradition, her 3 sorority sisters must “sit up with the body”, however, their lives have taken very different turns in the ensuing years.  It comes to light that the madam has acquired quite a fortune in her line of work.  Desdemona, the wise-cracking beautician, arrives to attend to the deceased’s hair and make-up.  Along comes L’il Davy Robbins, an opportunistic travelling evangelist, to stir up the crowd.  As the hours go by, much comes to light about everyone there.  Written by a former Big Spring D. A. who based many of his characters on real local characters, Gargoyles and Scarecrow Sins is one of the most popular & most requested-to-return shows ever produced by Boerne Community Theatre.

Pied-à-Terre | March 10 - 18, 2017

by John Anastasi, R-rated Drama

*This Season's Production of

Theatre on the Edge

A play with humor, content or subject matter suitable for a mature audience.

Co-Produced by  H-E-B

Lives are about to collide. Julia, a successful television journalist, discovers a Manhattan apartment owned by her attorney husband, Jack that she was unaware existed. As Julia explores the apartment, her musing and pain are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Katie, a beautiful young woman who seems to know Jack a little too well. At first glance, the two women appear to have nothing in common save Julia's husband. As they face off in the apartment, secrets unfold revealing the burdens each has been carrying, and they learn they have more in common than either could have thought possible. Pied-à-Terre, or a second home, has a central theme about grieving, loss and survivor's guilt, where the passions of the soul come into conflict with the obligations of the mind and the needs of the heart. Not your usual love triangle.


Panache | May 5 - 20, 2017

by Don Gordon, PG-Romantic Comedy 

Co-Produced by Allen Trimble, Secure Money Strategies

What could possibly have motivated Kathleen Trafalgar to get into her Mercedes SL 450 one afternoon and drive to the inner city to track down a rough-edged, hard-drinking, fry cook named Harry Baldwin?  A six by twelve-inch piece of tin issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles to anyone who pays the fee.  It seems they both applied for exactly the same personalized license plate - PANACHE.  Kathleen is married to a man she regards as a dashing, eloquent, Renaissance Man personified, and she wants to put it on his Bentley.  Harry already has the plate on his Ford truck. For both of them this seven letter word holds special meaning. The play becomes an intellectual battle ultimately exposing the irrelevance of social status and the needs of two lonely people – an unusual love story.


Harry Baldwin
Paul Yoder
Kathleen Trafalgar
Kelli Grant
Irwin Alcott
Dylan Jewett
Alyssa Pineda
Jumbo Dombroski
Don Norton

Emily Piperato
David Clingan

Don't Cry For Me, Margaret Mitchell | July 14 - 29, 2017

by V. Cate & Duke Ernsberger, PG-Comedy

Co-Produced by A-1 Red, White & Blue Mini Storage

A fast-paced, non-stop look at three men locked in an office, living off bananas and salted peanuts while trying to rewrite the screenplay to Gone With the Wind, a novel that took Margaret Mitchell ten years to write.  Funny, irreverent and mostly true.  In 1939, David O. Selznick stopped production on the movie Gone With the Wind three weeks into shooting.  He hated the script.  It had to be rewritten.  With the stalled production costing him fifty thousand dollars a day, there was only one writer in Hollywood who could save the day – the legendary Ben Hecht.  Selznick, Hecht, and director Victor Fleming camp out in Selznick’s office to do the deed.  To their horror they soon discover that Hecht has never read the book and knows nothing about the characters.  Only in Hollywood could something destined to turn out so wrong turn out so right.


David O. Selznick
Allen Rudolph
Victor Fleming
Timothy Stoner
Ben Hecht
Martin Vidal
Miss Peabody
Gloria Williams

Keisha McFerrin
Ass't Dir
Stage Mgr

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